About Our Company

Firstventure is a HR Tech SaaS company that offers end-to-end solutions in training delivery, employee engagement and performance measurement. Our core product, Courseplay, is an employee experience platform that marries learning with employee growth for leading companies around the world. We are disrupting the HR-tech market by an AI-powered ecosystem for employee experience, talent development and learning adoption. We are a privately-funded company founded in March 2012, headquartered in Mumbai, India.


Our vision is to make people transformation easy for our clients. We want to help clients deliver spectacular training content, automate their training, engage with their employees and measure the impact with a few clicks. We want to provide a delightful experience that seamlessly integrates and interacts with the real world around them. Learners should have the knowledge they need to achieve their goals at their fingertips. Decision makers should be provided with the information they require to make important decisions. Teachers and instructors should be able to easily integrate lessons from any source instantly.


Our mission is to deliver and measure 360-degree employee growth for the modern workforce


  • Scalability: We are obsessed with making big things work smoothly. This is what our product enables and our marketing celebrates.
  • Continuous Improvement: As a learning organization, we acknowledge our imperfections and strive to constantly improve ourselves and our products by learning from our failures and taking feedback from everyone around us.
  • Detail Orientation: We are obsessed with the tiniest of details, not in our pursuit for perfection but rather in our search for knowledge. Whether it’s in understand every inch of our client’s pain points or in designing our products, we’re looking at details to learn more.
  • Do Your Best: When it comes to success, all that matters is that you have done your best. We believe in focusing on the end results by providing the best to our clients.
  • Be Your Own Customer: Courseplay is built using Courseplay. Our business relies on the same platform and tools our customers pay us for. To that end, we build products and design experiences we would want for ourselves.
  • Transparency: Whether it’s in communicating the expectations from our team, setting realistic goals with our clients, getting constructive feedback from our team, or disclosing information that may be considered bad news, we are committed to transparency.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

To demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement, Firstventure Corporation is a ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company.

Careers at Firstventure

We are currently hiring for a variety of positions. If you would like to work with a cutting-edge education technology company, go to our jobs page to apply!

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